Connected Organization – Microsoft Entra Identity Governance

The need to access resources and collaborate, not only within a company, but with partners has been growing at a rapid pace. With that being in mind, connected organization is a great way to share resources with external user such as SharePoint Site, applications etc.

In this blog, we will learn how to add a connection organization.

You will require Global Administrator or Identity Governance Administrator role for connected organization.

Configured state means that the users from the configured connection organization should be able to request access packages from the MyAccess portal since the domain has been whitelisted.

I recommend creating a new policy and selecting the domain(s) whose users would need to access resources through an access package.

Once you add the domain(s), it will show up next to the select connected organizations. Furthermore, anyone requesting an access package from the selected domain(s) can be auto-approved, reducing operational overhead.

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