Lifecycle Workflows – Microsoft Entra Identity Governance

Lifecycle workflow is an identity governance feature which helps with on-boarding and off-boarding users. I wanted to go through the features of lifecycle workflow, however, I ran into a snag due to licensing requirement.

What are lifecycle workflows

This feature requires Microsoft Entra ID Governance license.
Microsoft Entra ID Governance licensing fundamentals

Since I did not have a Microsoft Entra ID Governance license, I signed up for a one month Microsoft Entra ID Governance Trial

Once I assigned the Microsoft Entra ID Governance license to my account, the lifecycle workflows features became available.

Abiding by the principle of least privilege role, Lifecycle Workflows Administrator is a Microsoft Entra built-in role, which should be assigned to users who will be managing lifecycle workflows.

Lifecycle Workflows Administrator

In the next blog post, we will go through setting up workflow for various scenarios.

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