Windows Virtual Desktop – Host Pool Setup

Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 is now generally available. I will walk you through setting up the Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool.

Login to the Azure portal and search for “Windows Virtual Desktop”
Click “Create a host pool” to create your first host pool.
Click either “Add” or “create host pool”
There are (2) types of host pool; Persona & Pooled. The maximum number of users that have concurrent sessions on a session host. Breadth-first load balancing distributes new user sessions across all available session hosts in the host pool. Depth-first load balancing distributes new user sessions to an available session host with the highest number of connections but has not reached its maximum session limit threshold.
The virtual machine size and number of virtual machines will depend on the use case. I recommend a minimum of 2 virtual machines.
Windows Virtual Desktop does require either an on-premise Active Directory ( Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)) or Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) so the virtual machine(s) can be part of a domain.
Workspace is the new name for Windows Desktop Tenant
Once the validation process is complete, click on “create” button to create the host pool.

There you have it, the Windows Virtual Desktop host pool does take time to provision so be patient with the process.

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