Azure Hero Badger

Due to my Azure community contributions, Microsoft awarded me the very rare Content Hero badger (limited to 250).

As per Microsoft, Content Hero badgers are given out for sharing valuable knowledge at conferences, meetups or other events. Recipients of this rare award have created original content, sample code or learning resources and documented and shared their experiences and lessons to help others to build on Azure.

How to qualify?
To qualify, you must be able to verify at least one of the impacts in any of the bullets below.

  • Created at least three valuable Azure content pieces within 6 month for blogs, webinars, podcasts or have spoken at events
  • Created tutorials, how-to guides, or sample code that’s being shared to others for free in an open GitHub repo
  • Have generated at least three major pull requests that have been merged into our workshop repos (MCW and others)
  • Core-contributor of an Azure related open-source project (including readme, license, latest activity on project, code of conduct etc) within the last month

You can either self-nominate yourself or someone else to be awarded the Azure Hero Badger.

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