Azure Migrate – Server Assessment

Since my previous blog post covered Azure Migrate – Server Setup the next step is to do the server assessment. In this blog post, I will walk you through assessing the on-premises server environment.

Click Assess to start the assessment process.
You can change the Assessment properties based on the requirements.
Different options to play with for the assessment criteria.
I choose not to include Azure Migrate application in the group.

Lets take a look at the Assessments section.

You can edit the properties of the assessment, export it which will be in a xlsx format, recalculate the assessment and delete it.
Azure readiness tell you if the virtual machine can be migrated to Azure.
As you can see Window Server 2016 passed the Azure readiness and can be migrated to Azure.
Windows 7 has some readiness issue and did not pass Azure readiness.

Lets take a look at the Groups section.

Click on Group if you want to create additional groups

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