Azure Spot Virtual Machines

Azure spot virtual machines can handle workloads that are not constant and can be interrupted such as batch processing jobs, development/testing environments and so forth, hence there is a significant cost savings. Due to this, spot virtual machines can be evicted any time and Microsoft will only provide 30 seconds notice.

Also, keep in mind, there is no SLA for spot virtual machines and guarantees no high availability.


The following VM sizes are not supported for Azure Spot Virtual Machines:
* B-series
* Promo versions of any size (like Dv2, NV, NC, H promo sizes)

The following offer types are currently supported:
* Enterprise Agreement
* Pay-as-you-go offer code
* Sponsored
* Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

When you are deploying a VM, you can choose to use an Azure spot instance. Eviction type can be either ‘capacity only’ or ‘price’ and eviction policy can either be ‘stop/deallocate’ or ‘delete’.

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